Friday, 20 October 2017

SKP1000 key programmer sales for $499 last 100 pieces

SKP1000 key programmer on sale for $499 last 100pcs of the first batch of 500 pieces.
After the left 100pcs sell out, the price will rise up.

New to SKP1000 key programmer?
I think you won't miss learning details of SKP1000 key pro including user manual, update, review in words and video.

1) SKP1000 key programmer user manual incl. firmware update & software update, immobilizer car list, settings, etc.  
Watch Youtube Video:

2) SKP1000 Key Programmer Video Demo

3) SKP1000 key programmer blog (all include)

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Tips of SKP1000 program 2013 Maserati Gran Turismo smart key

Used SKP1000 key programmer to program 2013 Maserati Gran Turismo smart key, at first the new key can start the car but the remote fail to open the door.
Finally, I found the reason and it worked great.
It's not a long story, hope it helps.

Go on with the above-mentioned problem, after that I tried to enter "Remote System", tap "Maserati" but received prompt "Connection fail".
Screenshots helps a lot to understand what I say.

With a new key to turn.

I didn't believe it's true, then I tried one more time, this time I did it, the remote works fine.
Tip for sharing: After complete programming key, do not wait for some time but immediately complete remote, then the remote will open the door successfully.

Many hanks the online tech support of

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

SKP1000 Active/Disable BMW 7 Series Remote Smart Card

BMW 7 series made 2012 equipped with CAS4 immobilizer system,and there are many devices is able to program for BMW smart card adding and all key lost.And here I share the guide on how to active or disable BMW smart card by SKP1000 Key Programmer.

How to active/disable BMW 7 series smart card:
BMW 7 series equipped with CAS4 immo system,so select Active / Disable Key

Thursday, 28 September 2017

SKP1000 Program Smart Key For SUZUKI S-Cross

Here share guide on How to program smart key for SUZUKI S-Cross by SKP1000.When you programming smart key for SUZUKI S-Cross,you need to read out ID.

According to the programming conditions,it divide into two type:
1.You have work able smart card
2.You dont have work able smart cardall key lost

Monday, 25 September 2017

SKP1000 Program Remote Fob For VW LAVIDA

Here comes the guide on how to use SKP1000 key programmer to program remote fob for VW LAVIDA.I will show the guide by text with pics,hope it is helpful to you.
Note:SKP1000 is the English version of CI600.

Procedures of SKP1000 program fob for VW LAVIDA

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

SKP1000 Update to V8.19 - Remote in English is available

SKP1000 tablet auto key programmer Update to V8.19 which mainly update the Remote in English.

Update procedure:
  1. Format SD card
  2. Unzipthe SKP1000V8.19 update file to the SD card root directory.
          SKP1000 V8.19 update file download link:!wV4jHa6A!vnD26jdMeZJ6AhWXzkQ56stv0c0i5RHsLlf-nP676v8
  1. Turn off the SKP1000 machine, then insert the SD card, then turn on machine.
  2. Go to " UPDATE FIRMWARE", tap " SYSTEM FIRMWARE" to wait it update completely ( it will take 1 minute, during the wait time, do not disconnect the power adapter, if the power is off, turn off the machine and try one more time)
  3. Update upgrade complete, turn off the machine.
  4. Turn on machine, update successfully.
skp1000 system updateaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa skp1000-firmware-update-04 skp1000-firmware-update-10 skp1000-system-update-03

Saturday, 9 September 2017

SKP1000 Program Remote Fob for Buick Excelle GT 2015

This article talk on the topic of How to use SKP1000 key programmer program remote fob for Buick Excelle GT 2015.Buick Excelle GT comes with 70 big capacity chip which needs security code to program key.

NOTE:The pictures comes from the Chinese version Lonsdor CI600 plus, and the words on the pictures are Chinese. Acutally the SKP1000 engineer ensure SKP1000 can perform the same as CI600, and the instructions on the screen are translated as the title.  

Procedures of SKP1000 Program Remote Fob For Buick Excelle GT 2015:

SKP1000 key programmer sales for $499 last 100 pieces

SKP1000 key programmer on sale for $499  last 100pcs of the first batch of 500 pieces . After the left 100pcs sell out, the price will ...