Monday, 25 September 2017

SKP1000 Program Remote Fob For VW LAVIDA

Here comes the guide on how to use SKP1000 key programmer to program remote fob for VW LAVIDA.I will show the guide by text with pics,hope it is helpful to you.
Note:SKP1000 is the English version of CI600.

Procedures of SKP1000 program fob for VW LAVIDA


Enter the menu to select VW Audi Skoda
Select Read out PIN code

Select LAVIDA Gen 3.5 Pin code

Follow the prompt to Connect the SKP1000 to vehicle OBD2 socket
Click [YES] to continue
PIN code is reading

The screen show the PIN code info:
PIN code:00971

After reading pin code,we will start next step to program fob.

Software show the original key number 1
Click [YES] to continue

Enter the key number you want to program,and input the pin code to star programming.

You will find the prompt Turn the ignition by keys you programmed?
Click [YES] to continue

Turn the ignition to ON position,then the immo light will flesh,it will light off sooner,it mean program successfully.You need to perform this step for each key you programmed,otherwise the key will not work on your car.

After chip programming,we need to program remote function for each key.
Enter the VW model,select 09 channel center control to program

Select Add remote

Press the Unlock button on the fob you want to program.
If remote function program successfully,the turn light will flesh on.

Article form SKP1000 blog: SKP1000 Program Remote Fob For VW LAVIDA

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