Saturday, 9 September 2017

SKP1000 Program Remote Fob for Buick Excelle GT 2015

This article talk on the topic of How to use SKP1000 key programmer program remote fob for Buick Excelle GT 2015.Buick Excelle GT comes with 70 big capacity chip which needs security code to program key.

NOTE:The pictures comes from the Chinese version Lonsdor CI600 plus, and the words on the pictures are Chinese. Acutally the SKP1000 engineer ensure SKP1000 can perform the same as CI600, and the instructions on the screen are translated as the title.  

Procedures of SKP1000 Program Remote Fob For Buick Excelle GT 2015:
Step 1:Launch the SKP1000,and select Buick --->select Excelle GT 2015 Key-->select Electronic Immobilizer System-->select Add new key

Note:If you want to delete keys you lost,pls choice all key lost

Step 2:The software screen will show the number of work keys.Tab [YES] to continue.

Step 3: Enter the pin code,you must to ask dealer or service station to get this pin code,VIN doesnt work.
Step 4:After enter the pin code 6769,it need to wait system initializing...pls wait
And then software display system configuring...,wait about 10 mins.

Note:If the pin code is correct,it will take about 10 mins to access interface,otherwise it will show you pin code wrong.
Step 5:Turn the ignition off and,pull out the key and tab [YES] to continue.And the software show that system configuring...pls wait.

Step 6:After wait for a minute,inset the key to ignition and turn key to the ON position and wait 5 second until turn signal light flash double.And then tab [YES] to continue.

Done! Turn the ignition to off position and test the it on your car.Tab [NO] to complete!

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