Monday, 14 August 2017

SKP1000 Key Programmer Key For FIAT Siena(read ISO code no need removal)

Here comes the guide on how to use SKP1000 to Program key for FIAT Siena.It known to auto locksmith that the older FIAT,such as Siena,Palio...You need to remove ECU or write data start to make key.But here you can use SKP1000 Key programmer to get ISO code and program key directly without immobilizer box removal.

Note:SKP1000 is update version of SKP900,and both of them released by same manufacturer.And SKP1000 is English version of  Lonsdor CI 600(Chinese version).

And this article take the Chinese version Lonsdor CI600 as a example.

Here come the step by step guide on How to use SKP1000 to Program key for FIAT Siena:

Step 1:Get the immobilizer data

Select Vehicle Brand: FIAT-->SelectRead ISO Code-->Select Electronic Immobilizer System

Select Read ISO Code Then software will remind you After reading ISO Code,pls disconnect the battery.And if reading ISO Code unsuccessfully,pls try again after disconnect the battery

SKP1000 will show the ISO Code on the software screen,then you need to press the Yes to continue.

Check the key on the ignition position is a working key,then press YES to continue.

Turn the ignition key to the ON position.Then turn it to the OFF position,turn it to the ON position again.

It will remind you ISO:74412 and Press [YES] to continue.

Then enter the ISO code:744112

The software will show you the immobilizer data,you need to record the immobilizer data.

STEP 2:Generate the 48 Chip.

Select Fiat common chip to generate special chip 

Select Fiat ID48 dealer key.

Plug the adapter to the SKP1000,then enter the special function to select adapter communication-->Select Fait option.

Please inset the 48 chip into the coil.

Please enter the 24 digit in front of immobilizer data.

Then software show the 24 digit of immobilizer data you enter just now.

STEP 3: Program ID48 Chip

Select Program Key-->Select Siena key programming-->Select Electronic Immobilizer System

Software showPlease select the OBDII socket and turn the ignition key to the ON position

Then select key programming

The keys have not been programmed will can not use.Press Yes to continue

Enter the 5 digit ISO code:74412

Result you enter,press YES to continue.

If you want to program more keys,press YES to continue.

Put a next key you want to program.

Program successfully.

After the immobilizer system indicator going off,it mean programming successfully.
Disconnect the SKP1000 Key Programmer,and test new key on your car.

More information about SKP1000,pls visit UOBDII.COM

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